Sus Jos - Intelligent parking and elevator solutions

SusJos is a new and dynamic company, supported by a team of professionals in the field of automated parking systems who, for over 30 years, have been managing an innovative parking concept.

Our activity consists in the design, construction, installation, maintenance, prompt intervention and renovation of parking lots in any environment: private, residential, public, commercial or business.

The SusJos mission is to offer the most technologically advanced and, above all, reliable products, always trying to use the best components available on the market.

Automated parking systems

Parking, in large cities or crowded tourist areas, is always a problem that involves a waste of time and energy.

Wouldn't it be great to have an automated parking system that picks up the car, parks it and returns it, EVERYTHING at the touch of a button?

We present to you SusJos Automatic Parking Systems, a new domestic brand, which brings together specialists with experience in fully efficient and safe automated parking systems, ready to support you with the systems they propose.


Most elevators are old and need replacement work to meet all safety requirements and to operate at optimum parameters.

Do you want a new elevator for your property and are you looking for a company that can offer you solutions to all your elevator problems?

Following the partnership concluded with the MyQube brand, we can offer you modern elevators (for people or goods), made in Italy, compliant with the highest European standards. MyQube elevators are competitive in terms of quality and costs with the elevators of the most popular manufacturers in the field, differentiating themselves from other competitors through low maintenance costs.

Spare parts for Elevators

Furnizam o gama variata de piese de schimb pentru ascensoare, elevatoare de marfa si scari mobile. Daca nu gasiti ceea ce căutati, pe site, va invitam sa ne trimiteti o solicitare la

We are committed to finding the piece you want, in the shortest possible time.

We invite you to the shop page.

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Present at national and international level

SusJos is a new company in Romania, specialized in the installation, repair, modernization and maintenance of all types of elevators and parking systems, SusJos uses the traction units (groups, systems) of the most famous German manufacturers such as DEMAG or SEW EURODRIVE, in while all automation logic (software) is developed by our technicians on SIEMENS or OMRON architecture.



Completed Projects

Proiectele noastre includ parcări supraetajate, precum și soluții individuale, cum ar fi încorporarea unui ascensor auto. Apasa HERE to see images and videos about how our systems work



Our team is made up of construction engineers and designers who have been working in the automated parking sector for about 30 years. Initially, they started their activity as manufacturers of classic car lifts used mainly in the residential field, and later, they were co-opted by companies with a tradition in the automated parking system, as partners for large-scale projects.

Currently, the experience and knowledge of the team meet not only your individual needs, but also the regulations and safety norms specific to the project.

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