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We are a new company in Romania, specialized in the installation, repair, modernization and maintenance of all types of elevators and parking systems, SusJos uses the traction units (groups, systems) of the most famous German manufacturers.


Parking, in big cities or busy tourist areas, is always a problem that involves a waste of time and energy.

Wouldn't it be great to have an automated parking system that picks up, parks and returns the car, ALL at the touch of a button?


Introducing SusJos - automated parking systems, a new domestic brand, which brings together specialists with experience in fully efficient and safe automatic parking systems, ready to support you with the systems they propose.

Our projects include multi-storey car parks as well as individual solutions such as the incorporation of a car lift. Click HERE to see pictures and videos of how our systems work.


Our team consists of construction engineers and designers who have been working for around 30 years in the automated parking sector. Initially, they started their activity as manufacturers of car lifts, mainly used in the residential field, and later, they were co-opted by companies with a tradition in the automated parking sector, as partners for large-scale projects.

Today, the experience and knowledge of the team meets not only your individual needs, but also the regulations and safety norms specific to the project.

About us

Proiectăm, construim și instalam sisteme automatizate de parcare.


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